2010-2011 Grants Awarded

Denise Rehder; Osborn Hill Elementary; Science; Butterfly Garden
A program in partnership with Monarch Watch and Journey North. This program involves children in creating a butterfly garden and observing migration. These observations will be shared with other program members through Skype.

Christine Daria; Jennings Elementary; Student Support Center; Cooking Curriculum
Using a cooking program to teach and practice functional life skills and effective social skills for children with diagnosed Autism Spectrum disorders.

Alan Lipman; Osborn Hill Elementary; Student Support Center; IPAD

Measuring knowledge and ability in children with very limited communication skills is difficult at best. Using an IPAD can give teachers insight into how these children process information and provide an additional learning tool.

Fairfield Public Schools; Garden Project Grant
Currently, there is a completed garden at each Fairfield Public School. This grant provides resources to teachers to integrate these gardens into lesson plans.

Angelina Giovanetti; McKinley Elementary; Grades 4&5; Spanish Lending Library
Books to be used by native Spanish speakers and advanced language learners. These books can be taken home to be read and shared with other family members.

Monica Cimina; FLHS; Art; Light to Illuminate still life

Special movable direct lighting which can be moved to create contrast and richer shadows helping students with look, observe and bring more intensity and depth to their art projects.

Karin Shaughnessy; Tomlinson MS; Language Arts; Audio books to support reading skills
MP3 players and audio books to provide an opportunity for readers to become more skilled and responsive readers.

Paula Healy; North Stratfield Elementary; IPAD to support special needs students
Using the IPAD as an aid in communication and reinforcement of social skills.

Claire Gloria; FLHS & FWHS; Science; Forensic Geocaching
Team activities involving finding evidence through the use of GPS receivers.

Leah Brown-Wilusz; Roger Ludlowe MS; Science; Salmon-In-Schools

A program in partnership with the Connecticut River Salmon Project. Kids learn about the environment and endangered species while raising salmon eggs in the classroom and later releasing them into the wild.