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Save the date!

For our third Eat In • Kids Win!

Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 28 and 29

In addition to meal pick-up at the restaurants or delivery your homes|business (between 5-7:30 pm), we are also delivering meals to each school at afternoon dismissal, for teachers and staff only, many of whom live out-of-town.

What a great way to say thank you to a special educator who has worked tirelessly during the pandemic.

Two of Fairfield’s wonderful restaurants, Aurora’s and Gruel Britannia, have developed special take-out menus for the event, Fifty percent of the proceeds from these orders will be given to the Fairfield Foundation for Education, which provides grants to Fairfield public school teachers whose objectives are to enrich the curriculum with new and original ideas and stimulate learning opportunities for their students.

Click HERE for menus and to order!

George Markley, our friend

George Jeffrey Markley left us Nov. 2, but his long and storied legacy at the Fairfield Foundation for Education will remain for decades. Like everything else in his beloved Fairfield, he loved our foundation and worked tirelessly to ensure it will remain strong forever.

George, you will be missed but will always remain in our hearts as we strive to accomplish the work you always took on, with never a complaint. Instead, your can-do attitude, complete with a big smile is what we can all hope to emulate.

FFE’s Honor an Educator program was just one of George’s brilliant ideas to raise funds for this organization, but one he tirelessly championed because he felt we can never do enough to honor the individuals who stimulate our children’s innate curiosity, foster their academic growth and encourage them to become responsible citizens of the world.

That latter attribute is exactly how George lived his life. We offer our sincere condolences to our friend, Chris, who worked at every Fairfield Foundation for Education event right next to her George, his children, Rabbi Todd and Michele Markley, grandchildren, Mia and Adam, and brother, Milan.